Custom Content Management Systems (CMS)

Update your website easily without knowing html!

Do you wish you could update your own website whenever you wanted to? Don't want to take the time to learn html? No problem! Eagle Web Designs offers custom content management system which we custom design in-house for you. With this CMS, you have the ability to update your website without knowing html. Our custom CMS is so easy to use, that if you have any knowledge of Microsoft Word then you have plenty of knowledge to use our system. You don't need any html or programming experience.

We custom design your website layout, graphics and all, and set up your CMS. Read below for the capabilities you will have with your content management system.

With your Content Management System you can:

  • Add new pages, remove pages, or 'turn off' pages
  • Add sub-pages to your main pages
  • Set the order of your navigation links
  • Update the content on your pages
  • Choose font colors, styles, size and more
  • Upload and insert images, remove images
  • Upload and insert pdf files, remove pdf files
  • Make internal or external links in your content
  • Write your meta tags for search engine optimization
  • Use a pre-built contact form or easily build your own
  • Write your own 'success' message for visitors who fill out your contact form
  • Choose to send a confirmation email to visitors who fill out your form
  • Write your own email confirmation message
  • Add and remove administrators
  • Retrieve lost login passwords
  • And a lot more!
Full CMS
  • Custom Website Design
  • Add Unlimited Pages
  • Upload Unlimited Images
  • Upload Unlimited PDF Files
  • 1000 MB Disc Space
  • 5000 MB Bandwidth
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • Phone and email support *
  • 30 days free website update support **

$600.00 website design fee (one time fee)
$800.00 CMS design fee (one time fee)
$119.40 Hosting yearly (includes 30 days support)
Add Support: + $180.60 yearly ***

The number of pages, images, and pdf files may be limited by your disc space and bandwidth. Upgrades are always available in the unlikely event that you reach your limits.
* Phone and email support are for technical questions regarding use of your CMS and troubleshooting problems only.
** Website update support is for helping you place your content and images on your website, as well as answering any technical questions.
*** Yearly support includes up to 1 hour per month of support. This includes text changes, image resizing, and other minor maintenance. It does NOT include programming, flash, graphic design, or image manipulation.

There are additional fees for flash, custom modules, or other added features.

Another plus... It is yours! Most content management systems that are offered by hosting companies are tied in with the rest of their other clients' websites. This means that if you ever want to take your website elsewhere, you can't! They won't take the time to go through the database and find your pages among the thousands of other website's pages. However, with our CMS your website pages are on their own database, which you can take with you.

Get the ability to update your website without knowing html! Get a Content Management System by Eagle Web Designs.