Cool Stuff and FREE Stuff from Eagle Web Designs

We have some cool stuff and free stuff linked from this page. Some of it is ours and some is not. Enjoy it all!

COOL STUFF (free to view here)

» What time is it? check out our
Cool Clock

» Need colors? Need to convert PMS, RGB, or HTML colors? Try our
Color Conversion Chart

» Need to figure out bits to byts or bytes to kilobytes?
Byte Conversion Chart

» What are the most common web fonts?
The Most Common Fonts

FREE STUFF (download it free)

» How about an easy to use PHP
Mortgage Calculator

» How about an easy to use MySQL & PHP
Guest Book

» Need a secure password? Try this cool
Random Password Generator

» Need an easy image resize program? This is the easiest!
Image Resizer (versions works with WinXP, Win7, and Win8)