Database design and Web Programming | MySQL, PHP, Javascript

Database design and web programming go hand in hand.

Using MySQL, PHP, and Javascript allows your website to become interactive instead of static. There are a few different types of databases and many different programming languages. The most popular combination that database website designers will use today is the MySQL database with the PHP programming language. This combination has quickly become the internet favorite because of their power, flexibility and integration ability.

Uses for Databases with Programming

How does a database and programming work together? A database is used to store information. A programming language is used to manipulate that information, as well as enable the information to appear on your website. They also work together to allow the user the ability to add, update, and delete information via a form on the website.

Eagle Web Designs is very experienced in MySQL database design, PHP programming and javascript. If your business needs a database website and/or web programming, or if your present website needs some interactivity, please contact us. We don't outsource! Your website programming and database will be completed right here in-house in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

MySQL Database Design

As mentioned above, a database stores information. The database has to be designed and stored on the server. A good database designer will think ahead when laying out a database, making an outline and taking into consideration possible changes that might be needed in the future. Designing the database for future expansion is important.Most databases will have multiple tables that have to be linked to each other by some field. An example of this would be a database with two tables; one table with employees information and a second table with company job positions. While each employee will only have one job position, there could be more than one employee in a particular job position. This has to be taken into consideration while laying out the database design.

PHP Programming and Javascript

The most popular programming language on the internet today is called javascript. Javascript can be used to do many things such as writing functions and manipulating values. Javascript can turn a static website into a dynamic interactive website. Javascript is usually used without a database.

The PHP programming language is also used to turn static websites into dynamic websites. While it can do this without the use of a database, it works exceptionally well with a MySQL database. PHP controls the connection between the database and the website pages. The PHP programming language, as well as other programming languages, allows the information from the database to be displayed on the website. It also allows for content management systems, which gives the user the ability to update their own websites without any html or programming knowledge.

Other great things PHP programming can be used for are custom programs such as Guest Books and Calculators. Of course, PHP programming can be used for ecommerce and shopping carts as well. It allows the ability for a website owner to update their product information and is used to display the products on the website.

MySQL database design, PHP programming and Javascript are excellent for turning any static website into a dynamic website. If you get an experienced database designer / programmer, these can usually be integrated into your existing website.

If you feel you might need a database or programming, contact Eagle Web Designs at 843-839-3245. Remember, we are located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and all work is done in-house...No Outsourcing!

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