Mobile App Design in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Eagle Web Designs is one of the only Mobile App / Phone App design companies in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Why have a mobile app / phone app?

Over the past few years more and more people rely on their smart phones, pads, and tablets for information. Mobile Apps are designed specifically for these products.

Why choose Eagle Web Designs for your mobile app?

We have the knowledge and technology to build mobile apps / phone apps quickly and charge you less than the bigger companies charge. We design the mobile apps to share common features of your website, such as colors and logos. We can integrate the mobile apps with your website so visitors can access the same info from your website.

What type of mobile app is best?

There are two types of mobile apps, "native apps" and "web based apps".

Native Apps

  • Native Apps get downloaded from the app stores.
  • Native Apps are platform specific (Apple, Android, Blackberry).
  • Native Apps have to be written and compiled for each platform!
  • Native Apps have to be submitted to each app store seperately and there is no guarantee that an app will be accepted to each store.
  • If your app is not accepted to a store, you have wasted your money.
  • If you have ever searched for an app in any of the app stores you already know that finding the one you want can be difficult.

Web Based Apps

  • Web Based Apps get downloaded from your website or other websites.
  • Web Based Apps are built in html5 which works with all platforms. (Apple, Android, Blackberry).
  • Web Based Apps only have to be written and compiled once and are easier to update!
  • Web Based Apps do not have to be submitted for approval.
  • Web Based Apps are housed with your website or another website.

Have any questions about Mobile Apps / Phone Apps? Contact us! We can answer your questions and get your app up and running. Email us at or call us at 843-839-3245 for more information.