Search Engine Services

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Submission

SEO (search engine optimization) includes the coding of a web page following the search engines guidelines such that the search engines will be able to index it.

Never take it for granted that your website design company automatically designs your website to be search engine friendly. Most web designers charge extra for search engine services of any type. A lot of website designers won't even let you know that your website will not be search engine friendly. Once your website is completed they will mention search engine services at additional costs. Many will turn your website over to a search engine optimization company.

Though search engine optimization (SEO) is not our main service, we do keep up with the latest rules and techniques. We do have search engine optimization services that we charge for, but look at what we do for FREE if we design your website.

When Eagle Web Designs develops a website, we optimize it by doing the following:

  • generate HTML pages designed to follow search engine guidelines.
  • write and insert the meta tags for every page
  • modify content for search engine compatability
  • error check CSS for search engine compatability
  • submit the website to the major U.S search engines!

That is right! We actually do a one time FREE search engine submission to all major search engines! You won't find that from any SEO company.

We also offer Sponsor Ads with Google and Yahoo!
If your website just won't get to the top of the search engines naturally, you might want to consider paid sponsor ads. This will place you instantly in a top position.

If you already have a website and are looking for a search engine optimization, we offer services for you also. Give us a call at 843-839-3245 for more information about search engine optimization and search engine submission.

If your website is in need of search engine services, let Eagle Web Designs of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina handle your search engine optimization and search engine submissions.

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