A Website Hosting Company in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Eagle Web Designs may not be the only website hosting company in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, but we are one of the few who actually have our own servers.

Why choose Eagle Web Designs for your web hosting company?

  • We live and work in the USA, in Myrtle Beach South Carolina; not in another country.
  • You will always get to speak with an American when you call for support.
  • We offer a variety of website hosting plans and can customize any plan to fit your business needs.
  • We offer plans competitive in price to the big companies, but without the feeling of being treated like a number.
  • You'll feel good about supporting a local American business.

While many web hosting companies try to lure in businesses by offering crazy amounts of disc space and bandwidth, we offer a more realistic approach. Most websites use less than 100MB of disc space and less than 300MB of bandwidth, with some exceptions of course. So why offer a person 200 gallons of water per day if they can only drink 1 or 2 gallons and are not allowed to keep the leftover? The reason is because most people don't actually know how much disc space and bandwidth a website needs. Because of this, people tend to think that more is better, even if it does not get used. Our web hosting plans are more realistic and still offer plenty of disc space and bandwidth.

If you aren't sure exactly where to start, start by contacting us! We can answer your questions and get you started in the right direction. Take a peek at our website hosting plans or call us at 843-839-3245 for more information.

Choose Eagle Web Designs as your website hosting company whether you are in Myrtle Beach South Carolina or not. We will make it a great experience for you.